Facebook misses Thai deadline to remove critical content

Facebook is still accessible in Thailand despite a deadline passing for it to remove material the authorities had deemed critical of the monarchy.

The social media giant had been given until 10:00 local time (04:00 GMT) to remove 131 pages that Thailand said violated its strict lese-majeste laws.

More than 100 people have been charged under the law since the military coup three years ago.

Authorities had threatened legal action and a complete shutdown of Facebook.

After the deadline, the secretary-general of the Thai telecom regulator Takorn Tantasith told reporters that criminal court orders had already been issued for 34 pages and authorities were seeking court orders for the other 97 web pages.

However, the documents have not been sent to Facebook yet, added Mr Takorn from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission (NBTC), which means the pages are still accessible in Thailand.

source: BBC

সামাজিক মাধ্যম ফেইসবুকে থেকে এখানে প্রকাশিত লেখা, মন্তব‍্য, ছবি, অডিও, ভিডিও বা যাবতীয় কার্যকলাপের সম্পূর্ণ দায় শুধুমাত্র সংশ্লিষ্ট প্রকাশকারীর...


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