Buddhist monastery in Bangladesh hosts iftar meals for Muslims

The Buddhist temple Dhammarajika Monastery provides iftar to the poor and hungry Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan

As a token of interfaith amity and compassion, the Dharmarajika Monastery in Dhaka’s Basabo area has been providing iftar meals for the poor and hungry of the community during every month of Ramadan since 2013.
This outstanding initiative is a rare example which reaffirms the eternally secular spirit of Bangladesh, after the country has recently witnessed some inter-religious turmoil.

This initiative was taken by the abbot Venerable Suddhananda Mahathero. He told the thedailystar.net that “Actually, we do it from the very perspective of communal harmony and humanity.”
“We want to help the poor anyhow, and offering Iftari is one of the ways,” he added
During every evening of the holy month of fasting, a long queue of poor people can be seen in front of the gate of the temple waiting to collect iftar, the food with which Muslims break their fast.
Established in 1951, the monastery works for social welfare to establish harmony in the society.

সামাজিক মাধ্যম ফেইসবুকে থেকে এখানে প্রকাশিত লেখা, মন্তব‍্য, ছবি, অডিও, ভিডিও বা যাবতীয় কার্যকলাপের সম্পূর্ণ দায় শুধুমাত্র সংশ্লিষ্ট প্রকাশকারীর...


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