Bangladeshi Buddhists are living in extreme insecurity

The Buddhists of Bangladesh are living in extreme insecurity because of ongoing  war between the Burmese army and Rohingya militants in Burma’s Arakan state. There have been several attacks on ordinary Buddhists and Buddhist monks  in some places of Bangladesh. Being given by social media is a threat to the country’s Buddhists are on fear to go outside. Due to ongoing threats and multiple attacks, the Buddhist religious monks of Bangladesh can not even go out of their habitat outside important activities. On September 6, a Buddhist monk was seriously injured in a road attack in the Khagrachari hill district of Bangladesh. Earlier, on the way to Khagrachari, a group of miscreants attempted to attack a Buddhist monk named Jyotisara Bhikkhu in Maij Bhandari area.

buddhism in bangladeshOn 12th September, after returning to Bangladesh on treatment from India on September 12, a group of young Buddhists named Gyana Mitra Bhikshu in Benapole, Jessore district, physically protested and threatened by recording video of their speech and promoting social media to Facebook. The police detained three people in the incident. On Friday, September 22, when a meeting was held with the local MP, a Buddhist monk was attacked by stone throwing stones at Amirabad station in Chorba union of Lohagara upazila of Chittagong.

More attacks on ordinary Buddhists have also been reported. Especially due to the appearance of the country’s indigenous Chakma, Marma can identify Buddhists as Buddhists because of their special appearance due to more attacks on them.

The Buddhist working women are not being spared from such attacks. Several workers of Buddhist men and women were injured in a series of attacks in Chittagong’s Oxygen-Bayezid and EPZ areas. In Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, a number of attacks have been tried and chased by the working Buddhists. Strong call from the government to maintain communal harmony in the country. It is being said that strict monitoring is being done by the government and the administration in this regard, so that no one can create trouble in the country with Myanmar internal conflict. In the presence of public representatives and police administration in the Buddhist areas, there is a discussion meeting on security issues.

সামাজিক মাধ্যম ফেইসবুকে থেকে এখানে প্রকাশিত লেখা, মন্তব‍্য, ছবি, অডিও, ভিডিও বা যাবতীয় কার্যকলাপের সম্পূর্ণ দায় শুধুমাত্র সংশ্লিষ্ট প্রকাশকারীর...


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